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Restorative justice

Restorative Justice APPG


CalComms is the secretariat for Restorative Justice APPG. It is a group in Parliament that seeks to raise awareness about the principles of Restorative Justice across the United Kingdom.

This is a cross-party group which works towards achieving a number of goals which includes:

  • To examine the use of restorative justice principles within the UK justice system and beyond

  • To raise the profile of restorative justice principles within Parliament

  • To provide opportunities for policy discussion and consultation

CalComms have recently assisted the Restorative Justice APPG in setting up a formal inquiry into ‘Restorative Practices in 2021/2022’. This inquiry aims to improve the access, awareness and capacity of these services across the United Kingdom.

CalComms were tasked with organising a number of oral evidence sessions with a wide range of individuals/providers and also set up a dedicated portal for written evidence. To hear more about this inquiry please visit

APPG Inquiry

CalComms are pleased to announce the publication of the Restorative Justice APPG Inquiry Report. This inquiry involved over 50 stakeholders who contributed written and oral evidence towards the inquiry which aimed to assess awareness, access and capacity in the sectors of Restorative Justice and Restorative Practice. This report puts forward a number of key recommendations which will be presented to the Ministry of Justice in due course.

To find out more about our work with the inquiry please visit

Media coverage

At the Restorative Justice APPG on the 21st April Members elected Elliot Colburn MP (Carshalton & Wallington) to be Chairman of the Group.

The other Members thus far in the group include:

Christina Rees MP (Labour & Co-Op
Neale Hanvey MP (Alba)
Tony Lloyd MP (Labour)
Fiona Bruce MP (Conservative)
Crispin Blunt MP (Conservative)

Restorative Justice

Contact Jack Harbour to find out more.

Follow @RJAPPG for more updates

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