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Our Work in the
Local Community

Local Political Strategy

We are communications experts with a passion for community development. We act as the link between community and developer to create new places that enhance the local area.

We tailor consultation activity to maximise local involvement. We never simply tick boxes. Each community is different and we want to engage through the mediums that work best for local residents. Whether it be exhibitions, leaflets, websites or social media, at Calcomms we respond to local preferences to maximise engagement.

Local PoliticalStrategy


We have worked on projects where developers have redesigned proposals for homes, offices, community facilities and infrastructure based on community feedback. We continually strive to ensure that designs are tailored to the local area and, whilst our architects will create designs that reflect local context, we know that it is the residents who are most familiar with the character of the local area.

Styled Garden


High quality landscaping can transform an area. Creating new parks can provide a new focal point for a community and new playing fields can provide much needed amenity space. In consultation with local communities we look to garden village principles to ensure that an area will be greener and more appealing.

Green Energy Turbines

Eco Friendly

The development industry, whether in terms of homes, businesses or community facilities, is driving ahead with new and innovative ways to further improve sustainability. We work with developers to deliver the very highest standards to ensure that the outcome is a quality environment and a sustainable new community.

Road cycling in the city

Sustainable Transport

We work with developers to ensure that our sites can be accessed sustainably. Whether it is new roads, supporting local bus services, links to rail or new cycle and walkways, we work with local officials and residents to provide what is most needed for each unique community. Over previous developments we have delivered everything from new river walkways to new major relief roads. Our aim is not just to provide the sustainable transport links for a new development, but to enhance them for the existing community.

Green Indoors

New Infrastructure

We work hard to improve local infrastructure for everyone, not just those people moving into a new development. Through our work with local communities we have been able to deliver new sports grounds for football clubs, new medical centres to support towns and even a new strategic flood alleviation scheme to reduce the instances of flooding in a village in Essex.

Community Engagement

We believe that the right sort of development is done in consultation with local communities and officials. By working with residents, developers can create places that really add to a community. With the current pressures for development, it is more important than ever that developers respond to the unique setting and circumstance of each community.


Our experience has shown that through working with communities rather than against them, new places can be created that enhance a local area, whilst providing the jobs, homes and infrastructure that are needed to make them prosper.

Community Engagemet
Business meeting

Stakeholder Management

Using our tools and skill-set, our strategy of achieving success is developed through building strong partnerships with community leaders, senior elected members and appointed local officials. This allows us to assist our clients on how best to communicate key political messaging and deliver broader political support for our applications.

Stakeholder Managemet

Local Government Intelligence

Our team of researchers at CalComms have proven experience at providing value added intelligence for our clients in getting applications across the line.

Office Meeting
Local Governmet Intelligence

Crisis Management

CalComms works diligently to support its clients through difficult and adverse periods. We have an experienced team who are able to think quickly on their feet in times of crises and are capable of formulating sound political strategies and finding workable solutions to every problem.

Crisis Management
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