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Bee on Flower

Bees and Pollinators APPG


CalComms is the secretariat for the Bees and Pollinators APPG. This Parliamentary group provides members and peers to raise awareness of bees and other pollinating species, and works towards a number of goals, including:

  • Raise the importance of bees and pollinating species to the environment and national economy within Parliament

  • Provide solutions and pathways to the conservation, and growth, of bee and pollinator populations

  • Provide opportunities for policy discussion and consultation

Media coverage

At the Bee and Pollinators APPG AGM on the 13th September, Members elected Tony Lloyd MP (Rochdale) to be Chairman of the Group.

The other Members thus far in the group include:


Sarah Champion MP
Christian Wakeford MP
Karl McCartney MP
Lisa Cameron MP
Daniel Kawczynski MP
Felicity Buchan MP
Lord Blencathra


Contact Jack Harbour to find out more about events and future work

Follow @bees_appg for more updates

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